Situated approximately 30 km east of Stillbay and 20 km west of Gouritz River Mouth, a private beach resort lies tucked away amongst breathtaking views and flourishing fynbos. Fynbosstrand is a private beach resort with a very remote piece of coastline, not easily accessible to the general public.
Scattered along its shore are beautiful patches of clean sandy beaches in-between unspoiled rocky areas; offering an abundance of sea life and safe swimming areas. Whales, dolphins and orcas are frequent visitors while black oystercatchers roam and breed along the coast. Apart from a variety of game species introduced on the property, various indigenous wildlife such as bush buck, honey badgers, caracals and porcupines are a common site.
Fynbosstrand is a private company registered in terms of the South African Company’s Act and operates under the Share Blocks Control Act.
Shares are limited to 58: each represented by a carefully demarcated plot along a 1 kilometer coastline and a 58th share on the 426 hectare farm.
The specific share constitutes a specific exclusive use right to erect a thatch roof house in old Cape vernacular architecture. The shareholder can select from  three different types of house layouts and any minor deviations are controlled and managed by the company's Aesthetics Committee. This aesthetics control ensures a harmonious and pleasing development that blends into the environment.
The development was approved by the relevant authorities in 1990 and 30 houses have been built to date by shareholders. There is no time limit for a shareholder to build but he pays a levy each year for the availability of services. The company is not dependent on any services from the local authority. It has its own water supply, internal gravel roads, refuse removal and sewage is handled via septic tanks. Each house is powered by solar energy and gas.
The annual levies paid by shareholders cover amongst others the above services, property taxes payable to the local authority, plus the salary of the permanent employed farm manager and maintenance costs. The current levy per share is R16750 per annum.
Annual General Meetings of shareholders are held once a year in December where shareholders are afforded the opportunity to discuss issues of mutual concern and to elect a new board of directors to manage the company for the ensuing year.